Pappi brand was born out of a collaboration between, Papi, a senegalese man who sells African fabrics in his store in the Lavapies neighborhood of Madrid, and Meghan, an American who has lived more than 10 years working in fashion in Spain. 
Upon passing by Papi's store, which is about 20 meters from Meghan's apartment, the colors and prints captured her attention. Even though the storefront is small it is impossible to walk by without getting distracted by those colors.

Batik fabrics have been used and are still used in many countries in Africa. They tell a long story that has been woven into the history and culture of the continent. The African custom is to pick the fabric and make the garment using the in-store tailor. 
For Meghan this way of working represented a return to the origins of fashion, to the time of dressmakers and pattern catalogues. As well as a window into another culture, countries, and a  unique fashion not seen regularly. It represented an opportunity to create unique pieces, escape from fast fashion trends, unite cultures and incorporate the fabrics in the Spanish fashion/culture.
Meghan and Papi became friends during her first visit to the store, in which she picked an almost fluorescent yellow fabric with a magenta floral print to create her first design. This would end up being the base of the current collection: garments made with African fabrics from Papi with a Western/European cut.
The brand Pappi is not trying to appropriate or insult any culture. It is more about a unification of cultures, just like its collaborators. The brand represents Meghan's passion for fashion and unique pieces, and the colorful happiness that both Papi and his fabrics exude.  Moreover a fashion design student created all the pattern designs and sewed the pieces. A union of three cultures represented by the colorfulness and happiness of the fabrics.
The brand is called Pappi with a double p to reflect Papi’s name and also Meghan’s real papi (“dad” in Spanish) who encouraged her to create the collection.
Collection Pappi by Meghan Kelly | Photographer Pol Mestres | Stylist Meghan Kelly | Model Cici Newman | Published at Neo2 Magazine